Scoping of participation in early childhood education in Christchurch East


Following the significant and destructive earthquakes that struck Christchurch in February and June 2011, CORE Education was contracted by the Ministry of Education to scope, and report on the impact of the earthquakes on participation in early childhood education and gaps in education provision in east Christchurch.

The contract between CORE Education and the Ministry of Education was guided by two expected outcomes for the project:

  1. Community engagement and data collection/analysis
  2. Report and recommendations

The scoping project involved surveying 102 open ECE services and 8 MOE playgroups in east Christchurch, 15 ECE services that were closed due to the impact of the 22 February earthquakes, and a comparison group of 20 ECE services outside of east Christchurch. In additon to these surveys 23 ECE umbrella organisations, NGOs and WINZ personnel, and 96 parents and whānau were interviewed.

Recommendations were developed, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, to support ECE participation during the earthquake recovery and renewal phases in Christchurch. The report and recommendations were submitted to the Ministry on 8 August and we expect the findings to be made available to the ECE sector in the near future.