Young Enterprise Scheme (YES)


CORE Education coordinates the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) on behalf of the Young Enterprise Trust for Canterbury.

YES Canterbury

CORE Education, a provider of Education for Enterprise professional development skills, coordinates the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme in the Canterbury region on behalf of the Young Enterprise Trust. YES is a national programme of the Young Enterprise Trust developed for secondary schools.

In the year-long programme, senior secondary students have the opportunity to form and operate their own businesses, taking innovative ideas and making them into real products and services. Personal achievement and excellence is encouraged through competitions, workshops, and public trade fairs involving business and the community.

Under the scheme students form companies, come up with ideas for a product or service, generate start-up funds, produce business and marketing plans, design business cards and promotional material, manufacture their goods or organise their service. Finally, they prepare their annual report.

In the past, some of the YES companies have ventured out into the "real" world, and set up legal companies.

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