TLRI research project


CORE Education is a recipient of one of eight government funded research projects as part of the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI). CORE’s research project aims to improve educational outcomes by helping educators nurture the cultural identity of learners.

The project ‘Nurturing and encouraging young children’s identity, language and culture in the early years’ focuses on these life-long influences on success for all learners. This research will explore how young children understand and express working theories about their own identity, language and culture, and those of others. Working theories are a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes and are closely linked to learning dispositions. Both working theories and learning dispositions are key outcomes for children described in the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki and contribute to children making sense of the world, and are useful for problem solving, and for further learning.

There were 47 research proposals submitted and CORE was selected as one of eight approved projects.

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