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Jess Costello

Junior Web Developer


2018 NZ Diploma in Software Development - Vision College
2017 NZ Diploma in Web Development and Design - Vision College

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

Region: Canterbury

Jess Costello FS 2

Professional profile

Jess has a Diploma in Web Development and Design, which she gained in 2017 at Vision College. She has also almost completed her Diploma in Software at Vision College. Jess' study in 2018 led to an 8 week internship at CORE Education which taught Jess a lot of new skills but most importantly gave her the experience of working in a real work environment. Jess has also worked on websites which she has created for friends as well as others she has worked for around study to gain more experience. 

Personal statement

I have a passion for web development and design and I love making websites come to life as they are becoming such a big part of our daily lives and they are being used by more and more people everyday. I love how there is such a massive variety of things you can do and how you can portray one idea in so many different ways to appeal to the audience or style you are wanting. I find it so interesting how everything in technology is constantly updating and as a result you are always constantly learning.