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Mia Zhang

Intermediate Web Developer


2014, Postgraduate Diploma, Auckland University of Technology
2012, Bachelor, Tian Jing University of Technology and Education

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 021 205 5678

Region: Canterbury

Mia FS W 1

Professional Profile

As a female web developer, Mia never give up to be the net ninja. She used to work on C#/ASP.NET MVC web application, which is being used by hundreds of users every day. Mia also successfully created and implemented a part of service platform to help retails manager to manage staffs and products, which is being used in more than 50 stores in New Zealand. Her strengths sit in web development, particularly in Front End.


HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, Node.js, C#, MySQL, Webpack, Gulp,Bootstrap, Ant Design.

Personal Statement

I believe there is only one way to become a master of a field. That is keep curious, keep hungry, never give up and no excuses. That is why I look like a serious person when I am at work. But out of work, I am very keen on cooking, and enjoy inviting friends to have a dinner together.