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Barrie Matthews

LEARNZ - Project Manager


1980 Dip Teaching, Christchurch Teachers' College

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P: 0800 267 301

M: 027 223 0342

Region: Canterbury

Barrie Matthews

Professional profile

Barrie has worked on the LEARNZ project since the year 2000, where he continues to apply his 15 years of classroom teaching and 40 years of computing and ICT experience. Barrie's contributions have helped LEARNZ virtual field trips to evolve so that LEARNZ participation continues to be a transformational experience for students and teachers; it encourages, enables and empowers teachers and students to access the New Zealand Curriculum using appropriate digital technology for 21st Century education.


Barrie is an experienced project manager, online facilitator, presenter, teacher, coach, blog writer, content editor, relationship builder and communicator.

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Personal statement

I have always been interested in the potential of technology to enrich classroom teaching and learning programmes. I count myself lucky to be living in the age of the Internet and the World Wide Web where I can work to foster engagement, interest and fun for both teachers and students in education.