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Julie Dunn

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BSc (Neuroscience)

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P: 0800 267 301

Region: Otago / Southland

Julie Dunn

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Having just completed her Bachelor level degree in Neuroscience, Julie has confidence in discussing scientific issues, and is passionate about the study of the brain and its relationship with the mind. Julie has a particular interest in cognitive neuroscience, focusing on perceptual biopsychology — the neural processes that underly psychological phenomena determining how we see the world.

In 2016 Julie is working towards a Neuroscience Masters, with a heavy emphasis on information and computer science. She hopes to use this time to apply a future-focused approach to research on the relationship between human cognition and digital technology.


  • Neuropsychological basis of cognition (perception, learning, memory and development)
  • Science communication for literature in psychology and the health sciences
  • Informed perspective on current neuroscientific research trends, including biopsychology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology