CORE's Team

Ross Alexander

Project Manager — TKI Channel Support


1974 Dip.Tch. University of Waikato

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 021 761 310

Region: Wellington

Ross Alexander

Professional profile

Ross was a classroom teacher for 13 years before taking on the role of site manager at Te Kete Ipurangi. This role involved both the technical management and development of the website, as well as working with teachers, principals, the Ministry of Education, managing a team of online editors, Māori language translator, web developers and information managers.

Prior to working with CORE Education, Ross worked as a contract project manager on several large Ministry of Education online projects within the TKI platform.

Whilst at CORE, Ross has worked as project lead on the development of the Enabling e-Learning website and e-Learning planning Framework, and the development of a number of other TKI websites and online tools.

He is currently programme lead for the TKI Channel Support project.


Ross is able to combine a sound technical knowledge of the tools available to us today, with a practical understanding of the needs of students, teachers and schools to integrate these tools into effective learning programmes.


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Personal statement

I am passionate about learning – learning for the young, for the old and for everyone in between. I strongly believe that the tools we now have at our fingertips will radically change the way that we think about learning, and will challenge our beliefs in how schools operate.

Living in a small hillside house with views into Wellington Harbour and Cook Strait, I am a passionate Wellingtonian.

My interests are travel, music, motorcycling, brewing and the endless battle of maintaining a garden in what can, at times, be a harsh but lovely environment.