CORE's Team

Tam Dobie

Project Manager - TKI


BA (Hons) Psychology - Massey University

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 021 0883 3026

Region: Wellington

Tam Dobie FS

Professional profile

Tam has more than had 25 years’ experience in the provision of online educational and career related resources. During this time Tam has led the development and operation of five national web based services in both New Zealand and Australia, including KiwiCareers, CareerQuest, myfuture, TKI, and e-asTTle).

In addition, Tam has had extensive experience in the provision of educational and career related products and services in print, digital and other telecommunications mediums including the provision of the Virtual Learning Network online teaching and collaboration services.  This has given Tam a detailed knowledge of curriculum and career education publishing priorities, practices and challenges.


Tam has expertise in:

  • strategy development and planning
  • project leadership and implementation
  • problem solving
  • resource development, publication and distribution across all media
  • online service delivery, operation and maintenance.

Personal statement

I started my career using punch cards to communicate with machines. That was fun. But it was nowhere near as much fun as learning to use evolving ‘devices’ that now help people to connect instantly anywhere in the world, to access and use knowledge and learning about anything and to extend their career potential in previously unimagined ways. I have a passion for exploring ways to use technologies to support our learning, working and living.