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Alissa Jardine

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2008 PGDipHlthSci. (Honours) University of Canterbury
2004 BTchLn. University of Canterbury
1997 DipT. (Distinction) New Zealand College of Early Childhood Education

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P: 0800 267 300

Accreditation Number: ACC 830

Region: Canterbury

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Note: Alissa is an independent facilitator with CORE Education, she is currently only available on weekends and evenings.

Professional profile

Alissa is an experienced educator, early interventionist, PLD facilitator and leader with a background in special needs education, and expertise in children’s emotional behavioural development and self-control.

She had developed the RREB programme (regulation, resilience, emotions and behaviour) in response to the latest life trajectory research which singles out children’s self-control as a clear target for future successful outcomes (health, wealth, public safety).

She leads professional learning and development for clusters, working with early childhood and primary schools using facilitation and mentoring/coaching to build up a model of regulation and resilience. Motivated by the findings which suggest that intervening early to foster high emotional intelligence and self-control in tamariki will have a major effect on our society and be an effective social investment.
She has deep knowledge in emotion coaching theory and practice, self-regulation, and how it lifts outcomes for students and predicts successful pathways in life.

Her specialist expertise, which includes knowledge of relevant education and psychology pedagogy, supports teachers and leaders to understand and develop skills, from a neurological and psychological viewpoint, to support brain modulation and provide optimal learning and achievement.

Alissa’s approaches and professional learning support offer a preventive, universal tool to harness well-being, strong mental health and self-control through improved communication, relationships, regulation, and resilience. These approaches have shown an increase in student self-control, student-teacher connection, deeper trusting relationships, student well-being, engagement, learning opportunities and achievement, in addition to a decrease in challenging behaviour.


Alissa has expertise, and successfully supports learning communities and clusters by:

  • developing and offering a programme suitable for educational services that requires low cost materials and can be incorporated into the daily programme, making small changes which will make a big difference to the future
  • running workshops which supports teachers and teacher aides to examine and improve their practice; incorporating new scientific approaches for responding to children’s emotions and behaviour and developing better ways to support inclusive practices
  • working with whanau to allow for a consistent approach across environments by running small group workshops and individual consultations
  • engaging with teachers across the ECE and Primary school sectors to provide firm links between settings, weaving strong connections and pathways to school
  • supporting classroom and centre level changes in pedagogy and practice.

Data has shown Alissa's work has had a major impact on the teachers professionally and personally, a 100% shift in teacher practice and a 100% reported improved student outcomes. 100% believed this work has a major impact on the child’s future and views it as a successful preventative intervention.

Professional body membership

Alissa is an accredited facilitator of the Triple P Parenting Programme and the Tuning into Kids Parenting Programme (TIK).


Personal statement

I am passionate about fostering high levels of self-control and emotional intelligence to improve lifelong outcomes for tamariki and their whānau. I use my early interventionist knowledge and skills to coach and mentor teachers to develop strategies that better support children’s social, emotional and mental health and foster well-being. Based on current research, my work aims to provide a universal approach across learning communities to set students on effective pathways in becoming successful, well-adjusted adults, with good life outcomes.