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Anne Milburn

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2000 Bachelor of Education (Teaching), Otago University
1972 Trained Teachers Certificate, Canterbury Education Board
1970 Diploma of Teaching, Dunedin Teachers College

Contact details


P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 262 3311

Accreditation Number: ACC 178

Region: Auckland

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Professional profile

Anne is an experienced classroom teacher in the primary education sector with a passion for and expertise in junior education. She has worked as a mathematics facilitator delivering professional learning and development for 9 years in Otago, Southland and Auckland. She builds strong trusting relationships when working with leaders, teachers and children. They relate well to the collaborative respectful way in which she approaches all aspects of her work. Anne builds on the existing knowledge, beliefs and learning culture already established in a school, taking into account the diverse needs of students, teachers and learners.

Anne has designed and delivered many workshops to develop teachers’ content knowledge in mathematics and statistics. She has worked with communities of lead teachers as well as provisionally certificated teachers. Her workshops are practical and interactive and are differentiated to cater for the varying levels and abilities of the participants. Anne often integrates these with other areas of the curriculum including literacy.

Anne is skilled at developing a sustainable model of mathematics collaboratively with the leadership team. She ensures that the leaders have the appropriate knowledge and skills to support and sustain mathematics in the school.


Anne has expertise in the following areas: 


  • Models best practice using well-researched strategies based on the findings in BES: Effective pedagogy in mathematics
  • Focuses on effecting and sustaining change through building leadership capability
  • Differentiates the PLD to cater for individual needs using a variety of approaches


  • Develops a shared vision for teaching and learning, involving whānau, communities and learners
  • Transforms teaching and learning through the development of collaborative teaching practices
  • Supports teachers with teaching as inquiry using a collaborative inquiry approach

Evaluative capability

  • Supports schools to collect and use high-quality data to inform the development of programmes to meet student needs
  • Engages leadership teams in quality conversations about student achievement
  • Uses data to monitor the effectiveness of programmes

Mentoring and coaching

  • Mentoring and coaching leaders and teachers in culturally responsive ways to raise student achievement and to support professional learning journeys.

Conference presentations, seminars and workshops

  • University of Otago/Auckland/ Te Toi Tupu Symposia 
  • New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT)
  • Mathematics Association of Victoria (MAV Australia)
  • Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Inc (MERGA)
  • Primary Mathematics Association of Auckland (PMA)
  • Ministry of Education Numeracy Huis Auckland

Personal statement

I am passionate about providing the best learning opportunities for all students to realise their potential. I am continually exploring new and innovative ways to improve teaching and learning programmes that promote best pedagogy and are engaging for all. I believe that it is essential to co-construct learning for it to be effective and meaningful. This embodies the heart of my philosophy of education. Building positive relationships with all leaders, teachers, students and their whanau by demonstrating culturally responsive practices will support accelerated progress for all students.