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Bina Kachwalla

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2006 Master of Education, Victoria University of Wellington
1993 Bachelor of Education, University of Bombay
1981 Diploma in Teaching, University of Auckland, Auckland College of Education

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 343 916

Accreditation Number: ACC 439

Region: Auckland

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Professional profile

Bina is skilled in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating tailored professional development which builds the capacity of teachers and school leaders. She works with a diverse group of students, teachers, leadership teams and families and whānau to enhance student learning and accelerate achievement. She grounds her work on research to ensure that her practice is evidence-based, sustainable and supports the achievement of every student.

While she delivers professional development to teachers, she encourages and motivates teachers to change and modify their beliefs through recent research materials on best practice in teaching.  She inspires teachers to implement culturally responsive pedagogy and differentiated learning to cater to students’ needs in the classroom. Promoting ‘Discourse based collaborative approach’ to mathematics has been the highlight of her career as mathematics advisor. Students become confident mathematicians when they communicate their thinking with others, develop reasoning for their thinking and justify their thinking. She is passionate about this approach in learning.


Bina has several areas of deep professional knowledge.


Supporting schools/Kāhui Ako to: 

  • develop learning environment which is conducive for collaboration
  • have robust discussions on teaching practice and reflection on teaching practice through working with others
  • encourage students to work in collaboration to solve a mathematical problem and learn from each other
  • develop student agency.


Supporting schools/Kāhui Ako to: 

  • understand mathematics curriculum specially strands to deliver quality teaching
  • develop community of learners in mathematics where by students learn discuss their learning with each other
  • analyse assessment practice to inform teaching and learning
  • use interventions to accelerate students’ learning.

Inquiry Learning

Supporting schools/Kāhui Ako to:

  • self-review and reflect on their own practice and improvise regularly
  • develop inquiry team to monitor and regulate student achievement through teaching as inquiry
  • support leaders and teachers to work collaboratively through the inquiry process.

Facilitation experience with leaders

Bina works alongside the school leadership teams to carry out a fine-grained strength/needs analysis and co-constructs action plans to implement and sustain PLD. She differentiates the PLD plan to meet the variety of needs within the school and she conducts regular meetings to review the plan to ensure quality delivery. The plans include curriculum reviews, analysis of student data and ways to establish a culture of collaboration to engage teachers’ and students’ learning. 

Bina encourages teachers and leaders to use teaching as inquiry to investigate their reflective practices, focus on students’ needs and examine the impact of their teaching on all students with, emphasis on priority learners.

Conference presentations, seminars and workshops

2013–2015: Primary Mathematics association teacher conference  

2010, 2014–2015: New Zealand Association Of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) 

2013–2014: Mathematics Association of Victoria (MAV) teachers conference 

2010–2011: Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) round table presentations 

2008-2016: Mathematics Teacher Symposia (Te Toi Tupu)

Personal statement

Ko Te Ahurei O Te Tamaiti Arahia O Tatou Mahi 

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work