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Darran Ingram

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2015 Current Post Graduate Degree in Educational Administration and Management - Massey University
2009 Bachelor of Education - University of Auckland
1998 National Certificate in Electrical Engineering - Business Techology and Education Council
1990 City and Guilds of London Institute Electronics

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 027 626 9515

Accreditation Number: ACC 861

Region: Otago / Southland

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Professional profile

Darran has lead teams in two new schools supporting curriculum development, leading collaborative team practice and implementing modern pedagogy. He has gained valuable experience leading collaborative teams within an ILE; leading pedagogical change and high performing teaming through professional development, coaching and mentoring. He has also built up a thorough understanding of effective literacy pedagogy designing a concept curriculum and leveraging digital.


Darran is an experienced educator, leader and facilitator with a background in primary education. He works with schools, leaders, teachers, and students to incorporate new approaches to learning and teaming.

Innovative practice and approaches to learning

  • Support the transition of teachers from traditional single cell classrooms to innovative and collaborative learning teams 
  • Support teachers to apply new pedagogical approaches with a shared responsibility for the learning and the wellbeing of the learners (Wānanga, Ako) 
  • Co-create systems and processes to deliberately and strategically build sustainable relationships across the new community
  • Establish high quality teaching and learning environments promoting the physical and emotional wellbeing safety of learners (Manaakitanga)
  • Implement and support a teacher inquiry system to maximise learner success 

Change leadership

  • Explore current research to support shift to future-focused teaching practices
  • Support leaders and teaching teams in teaching as inquiry process to raise student achievement
  • Support effective change management 
  • Grow through 1:1 leadership mentoring and perspective building

Innovative Learning Environments

  • Support leaders and teachers to design shared belief systems and accountability systems
  • Facilitate and analyse effective pedagogy and systems and approaches 
  • Provide support and advice for ILE physical design 
  • Develop efficient communication systems and ways of working that support effective teacher collaboration 

Implementing Modern Pedagogy

  • Present and provide coaching, mentoring and workshops in specific pedagogy and practices: collaborative teaching and learning, authentic multidisciplinary concept based learning, student agency, leveraging digital and assessment for learning
  • Support leaders and teachers to implement spirals of inquiry processes to impact learning

Development of digital fluency in order to enhance student engagement, student learning outcomes and communication with whānau

  • Support the implementation of digital technologies including, computer science, coding and robotics
  • Support the implementation of e-learning pedagogy and practice
  • Develop the competencies and school values in digital context with the community of learners
  • Planning for, implementing Implement systems and process to have multiple ways of communication for students and whānau (whanaungatanga, wananga)
  • Provide support to develop to systems to access to learning anytime, anywhere with a range of resources to support their learning

Personal statement

I am passionate about ensuring educational communities create a climate of powerful effective teaching and learning for all learners. I enjoy working alongside educators in a facilitation role to support them to develop and grow and to incorporate new approaches to learning, collaborate together as a cohesive team and effectively leverage digital technologies across the learning community.