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Kath Delahunty

Project Manager / Relationships Coordinator Wellbeing Toolkit


BA (History)
Dip Tchng

Contact details


P: 0800 267 301

M: 021 927 400

Region: Wellington

Kath Delahunty FS

Professional profile

An experienced, effective educator in primary and intermediate settings, combined with experience facilitating learning in early childhood settings and with adult learners in the workplace.

She has successfully carried out many roles in different educational settings including: Teacher, Deputy Principal, Distance-learning tutor, Lesson-plan writer (for international teacher resources), Editing on-line content, Adult education tutor/facilitator and Resource developer.

Has proven success in writing, developing, implementing, assessing, reviewing and improving programmes, resources and systems.

Her strengths are in leadership, communication, planning, building positive relationships and working constructively and respectfully within a range of learning communities.

Kath brings a positive passion and energy to all projects she is involved in and is constantly focused on improving outcomes for all.


  • Teaching, facilitating, tutoring and coaching
  • Resource and programme development
  • Planning, writing and editing
  • Event management
  • Relationship building

Personal statement

I am passionate about life-long learning that supports wellbeing, relationships, diversity and whānau. Empowering all learners to question, wonder, connect and think in new ways, will ensure our varied learning communities (tamariki, adults, whanau, teachers, leaders) continue to evolve and grow stronger together.

In our fast moving and changing world - building the skills and knowledge to develop and enhance personal and group wellbeing is a crucial area for all of us to work on, so I am excited to be able to promote CORE’s Wellbeing Toolkit to support this to happen.

I am also committed to developing and promoting bi-cultural education and exploring what Te Tiriti and place based learning looks like within an evolving curriculum in different school communities across Aotearoa.