CORE's Team

Kirstin Hensman

Facilitator - Professional Learning


2009 Graduate Diploma Primary Teaching - Massey University
2008 Bachelor of Business Studies - Massey University

Contact details


P: 0800 267 300

Professional profile

Kirstin has been employed as a primary school teacher for 11 years. During that time, she has led teams of Year 2-3 teachers, as well as Year 4-5 teachers. Kirstin has also worked as a Within School Lead Teacher and then an Across School Lead Teacher within her Kāhui Ako.

Kirstin has also been responsible for leading a range of curriculum areas, including Mathematics, Literacy, 21st Century Learning and e-Learning. She led the implementation of new digital tools with both teachers and her community.

Kirstin is passionate about learner engagement and agency. She designs rich learning opportunities that relate to students' local curriculum. Kirstin works hard and utilises a range of evidence-based strategies to support students to identify their passions and design learning with them, that relates to their interests.

Kirstin develops resources for teachers to use that enable them to integrate digital technologies across the New Zealand Curriculum.


Kirstin has expertise in the following areas:

  • How to implement the revised Technology curriculum
  • Integration of digital technologies across the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Learner agency
  • Rich learning opportunities
  • Designing tasks related to localised curriculum
  • Digital fluency
  • Future focused education
  • Developing a graduate profile

Personal statement

I am passionate about future focused education, enabling our learners to understand how they learn best and giving them the ability to drive and lead their own learning.

I genuinely believe learners should be following their passions and looking for opportunities to collaborate and solve problems within their community. Using technology in our learning enables us to redefine learning.

I see myself as a lifelong learner and truly enjoy learning with teachers and students by exploring ways to create innovative learning opportunities where learners are able to be experts alongside their teachers.