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Lex Davis

Facilitator - Professional Learning


2019 P.G.Cert Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning) - MindLab Unitec
2014 Microsoft Certified Educator
2014 Cert (with Distinction) Learning to Teach Online - University of New South Wales
2002 P.G.Dip Teaching (Secondary) - Auckland College of Education
2001 Bachelor of Arts - University of Auckland

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P: 0800 267 301

M: 022 036 6278

Accreditation Number: ACC 1236

Region: Canterbury

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Professional profile

Lex’s career has been dedicated to exploring and challenging learning practice and pedagogy, seeking to improve the schooling experience for whānau and ākonga. He has experience working in innovative learning environments across three new campuses and two different countries and, as a result, has a deep understanding of how to contextualise and apply research and practice. He has had experience working with change in leadership, pedagogy and schools’ digital and physical environments.

Prior to working at CORE, Lex has worked at Manurewa High School, overseas in the UK and then as a foundation staff member at Ormiston Senior College. During this time he took leadership in developing the Middle and Māori leadership spaces. Moving to the Cook Island’s Ministry of Education as a Pedagogy and Learning Advisor, he developed strategy and facilitated learning for teachers around digital technology, working with data and developing a nationwide SMS and approaches to inquiry learning. He also led a team to design and support teachers into a new ILE environment on Rarotonga. Most recently, he was a foundation middle leader of the senior community at Haeata Community Campus, developing and implementing their approaches to innovative learning in Christchurch.


  • Future focused education
  • Innovative learning environments
  • Change mindset
  • Culturally responsive practice (English-medium)
  • Innovation in NCEA
  • Diversity and inclusive practice.


Page, A. & Davis, A. (2016) 'The alignment of innovative learning environments and inclusive education: How effective is the new learning environment in meeting the needs of special education learners?' In New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work, 13(2), 81-98.

Davis, A. (2015) 'Apii Nikao: A Phoenix Arising from the Ashes'. In Korero: The Research Journal for Cook Islands Educators, 3.

Davis, A. (2015) 'How to Make it Stick: Pedagogy and MLEs'. In Korero: The Research Journal for Cook Islands Educators, 3.

Conference presentations, seminars and workshops

2018 Teachers' Refresher Course Committee: Course Convenor, ILE from the why to the how.

2014 Festival of Education: Panelist, Community Engagement

2014 NZEALS: Reinventing Middle Leadership in Secondary Schools

Awards, fellowships and scholarships

2019 Mātauraka Mahaanui: Kā pou pou reo o Tahu Study Award

2015 Fulbright New Zealand: Meg Everton Professional Enhancement Award, Community Engagement: University of South Florida & East Carolina University

Personal statement

I am powered by social justice and challenge in our educational communities. I am dedicated to working to improve teaching and learning programmes to enhance success for students who may not have equitable access to education.

Education has changed my life and I love that it offers the same opportunity for other students in Aotearoa.