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Maria Krausse

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


1992 Dip.Tch. (Secondary). Auckland College of Education
1986 B.Sc. (Zoology). University of Auckland

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 027 427 8475

Accreditation Number: ACC 240

Region: Auckland

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Maria Krausse

Professional experience

SInce 2015 Maria has worked for CORE as a facilitator in the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme. She is based across Kootuitui ki Papakura Outreach cluster in South Auckland.Maria uses professional learning groups and in-class facilitation to cause changes to practice and pedagogy. She uses pedagogy frameworks to challenge and cause shift while also supporting and collaborating with leaders and teachers as learners in the process. Maria accesses evidence-based resources for the classroom and models how to use these in their contexts so to encourage increased student agency. She fosters conversations using learning talk that draws out strengths in teachers’ existing practice and encourages new learning to be shared via collaborative tools. 

Prior to working at CORE Maria has taught science and horticulture before moving to HOD Science. She has been a senior school leader in a multisite school, with a responsibility for NCEA quality assurance and academic leadership. Maria has lead strategic planning as well as implementing digital devices and future-focused strategies. 


Maria has expertise in the following areas:

Change leadership 

Successfully supported learning communities to:

  • explore current research to support shift to future-focused teaching practices
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education practices, driven by inquiry
  • lead change within a school community. 

Digital fluency

Successfully supported learning communities to:

  • Embed processes and protocols to support 1:1 digital learning
  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of digital technologies
  • develop digital capabilities of teachers suited to the needs of future-focused teaching practices
  • Incorporate digital tools into teaching and learning through extensive knowledge of the G-Suite tools and Admin console
  • Manage large numbers of learner devices via the Google admin console.

Future-focused education 

Successfully supported learning communities to:

  • implement new teaching practices and pedagogies to enable achievement of future-focused goals identified by the learning community
  • increase inclusiveness, accessibility, and visibility of teaching and learning
  • manage change by enabling cross-school coherence of goals and vision.

Conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops

  • 2016: GAFE Summit – Google Drive Management

Personal statement

I have a keen interest in how things work, why, and how we can make them better. Learning in the digital sphere seems a natural fit. I find it exciting to see teachers as learners, using and improving what works well in a collaborative environment and they in turn find it satisfying to see significant student agency and progress in learning. I have enjoyed teaching and being part of communities in Kaikohe, Palmerston North and Auckland. 

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