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Nichole Gully

Kaihautū Māori - Facilitation


2016 Diploma in Web Content. Contented
2011 M.TchLn. (First Class Hons), University of Canterbury
2005 Te Panekiretanga o te Reo, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
2001 B.A. (Māori) (First Class Hons), University of Canterbury
1999 Dip.Tchg. Sec - Māori
1999 B.A (Education) Christchurch College of Education

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 722 461

Accreditation Number: ACC 247

Region: Canterbury

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Nichole Gully

Professional experience

Nichole has worked in Māori-medium education in a variety of roles from early childhood to tertiary for the last 17 years. Over the last five years she has lead the CORE Education Māori-medium team across a range of  provisions. These included Te Reo o te Kaiako (developing kaiako reo proficiency and confidence), Te Reo Māori in Māori-medium (te reo planning and assessment), Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (effective localised curriculum development and implementation). She was also the National Provision Lead for Te Reo Māori in Māori-medium.

Prior to working at CORE, Nichole lectured at the University of Canterbury teaching for over 12 years in te reo Māori and Māori education. She led a number of masters level papers in Hoaka Pounamu: Māori Bilingual and Immersion Teaching specialising in language teaching methodologies and language revitalisation. As well as the educational sector Nichole also has an ongoing commitment to working with whānau, hapū and iwi to regenerate te reo and excellence in educational achievement.

Nichole has also worked in the government and business sectors developing Māori language strategic and culturally responsive practices planning and implementation.


Nichole has expertise in the following areas:

Excellence in te reo Māori, Teaching te reo

Nichole is be able lead kura to:

  • improve kaiako reo accuracy, fluency to develop a Māori worldview in everyday reo use in kura
  • identify strategies to accelerate reo for academic purposes as well as reo to undertake cultural responsibilities
  • teach through the medium of te reo underpinned by effective second language teaching pedagogies aligned to Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

Digital fluency

Nichole is be able lead kura to:

  • increase engagement and achievement of ākonga through the use of digital technologies
  • understand how modern pedagogies which utilise strengths as Māori can support student achievement
  • explore ways to use social media to strengthen connections with whānau.

Strategic planning and Inquiry for te Reo:

Nichole is be able lead kura to:

  • undertake a meaningful research driven inquiry process with a Māori lens
  • develop long term localised strategic plans for te reo as a kura aligned to key kura documents and curriculum utilise digital technologies to accelerate achievement of strategic plans and inquiries.

Culturally responsive practice

Nichole is be able lead kura, CoL as well as government or business sectors to:

  • conduct a cultural audit of their current practices
  • co-construct a Māori responsiveness plan and implementation programme
  • establish meaningful relationships with whānau and local iwi to support the re-design of marautanga a kura so that it reflects local history, reo and tikanga. 

Collaborative practice, mentoring and coaching

Nichole is be able lead kura to:

  • work collaboratively as groups, clusters and manage relationships across their multiple providers
  • utilises a range of mentoring, coaching and facilitation skills to achieve SMART outcomes.

Conference presentations

  • 2015: St Louis Immersion Schools (SLLIS) Co-Lab, Keynote
  • 2014: Fifth Cambridge Conference on Language Endangerment, Presentation (PDF, 143 KB)