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Trevor Storr

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2007 MOE efellow – research project looking at co-construction in a web 2.0 context
2005 M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK
1991 P.G.C.E. in Secondary Science gained at the University of Sheffield, UK
1990 Ph.D. in Physiological Plant Pathology from the University of Southampton, UK
1986 B.Sc. (Hons) in Botany (Class IIi) from the University of Liverpool, UK

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 027 689 8920

Accreditation Number: ACC 859

Region: Canterbury

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Professional profile

Trevor currently works in the Connected Learning Advisory. Prior to working with CORE he worked at Waimate High School teaching Digital Technologies. He also works for NetNZ and teaches Computer Science to students across New Zealand.

Trevor is an experienced educator with expertise in three overlapping areas: Computer Science education, distance-learning/collaboration and ICT technical infrastructure. He has specialist skills in:

  • Teaching and learning Computer Science, Programming and Digital Technologies in the NZC
  • Online education, pedagogy and collaboration
  • Information and Communication Technology leadership, management & infrastructure

Professional experience

Trevor is highly experienced in the understanding of, and communicating how, the subject area of Computer Science and Digital Technologies can be taught within the NZC. He has taught this subject area both face-to-face and online for many years. He fully understands the challenges this curriculum area presents to both novices and experienced teachers. He has expert knowledge up to NCEA level 3 and has implemented hands on programmes of work that include theory of Computer Science, Robotics and Programming in a wide variety of contexts and languages. Trevor has a deep understanding of, and many years’ experience in, online distance education. He has been instrumental in leading the collaboration of 60 secondary and area schools who form NetNZ.

He has expert knowledge of and facilitation experience in online pedagogies and learning. Trevor has a very strong technical understanding of ICT integration and systems in NZ schools – but is also still a hands on, in the (virtual) classroom, teacher. He is able to bridge the gap between techie and educator and always asks “why are we doing it this way?” and “what is in it for the learner?”. Trevor encourages teachers and leaders to reflect on their practice and view their professional activities from multiple angles. At the heart of his approach is the use of evidence to inform the use of technology and consequent opportunities to inform novel approaches to learning.

Personal statement

At heart I believe in the ability of technology, when used smartly, to improve how education takes place. Since arriving in New Zealand in 2004 I have followed three converging pathways that have at their centre ICT’s: Computer Science education; online distance learning and ICT infrastructure. I believe that being a practising teacher - I still teach an online NCEA class – grounds my facilitation in the reality of what teachers and schools experience. Working across a range of schools and with all types of learners gives me real pleasure. I’m a lifelong learner and try to model the personal and professional attributes that I espouse.