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Phoebe Davis

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium and Māori-medium)


1986 B.Tch. (Primary). University of Auckland

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 567 628

Accreditation Number: ACC 255

Region: Tai Tokerau

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Professional experience

Phoebe’s  career has been dedicated to improving teaching and learning programmes to enhance success for all Māori children, knowing that what works for them will also work for other students. She has considerable teaching and leadership experience in both English-medium and bilingual education settings. In 2015 Phoebe supported her own iwi to develop their own iwi curriculum. She is passionate about the work she does for the iwi.

Prior to working at CORE, Phoebe worked at Northland College as Junior Dean of Māori as well as Māori teacher of yr 9 and 10 students.

Phoebe has also been Resource Teacher of Māori and Māori Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour. Phoebe has vast  leadership experience working and teaching in Māori education from Kohanga reo Kaiako thru to Secondary teaching.

Phoebe began as a Te Marautanga o Aotearoa Facilitator in 201 working in schools and Māori-Medium kura. In 2012 she took up the role as Team Leader of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. She continues in a facilitation role in the Northern region and has supported the  East Coast region also.


Phoebe has expertise in the following areas:

Localised School curriculum design and implementation (Māori-medium only)

Successfully supporting schools to:

  • design a Localised Curriculum Marau ā-kura

  • develop and Implement a localised Science curriculum

  • implement a Pāngarau curriculum.

Engaging whānau,hapū,iwi and school communities (English and Māori-medium)

Successfully supporting schools to:

  • understand and engage  authentically with whānau, hapū and iwi

  • involve whānau, hapū and iwi in teaching and learning programmes

  • support leadership to engage with whānau, hapū and iwi.

Culturally responsive and bicultural practice (English and Māori-medium)

Successfully supporting Schools to:

  • develop and evaluate learning and teaching programmes to support Māori students enjoying and achieving education success as Māori

  • evaluate and develop school policies, charter, strategic plans to encourage Māori student achievement

  • support leadership of change within the school

  • establish meaningful relationships with whānau and local iwi to support the re-design of school curriculum so that it better reflects local history, reo and tikanga.

Treaty of Waitangi Boards of Trustee governance training (English and Māori Medium)

Successfully support boards of trustees to:

  • understand the history of the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Understand the governance role to Board of Trustees in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Mentoring (Māori-medium)

Mentoring and coaching teachers to:

  • reach their goals for learning and success in their professional learning.

  • articulate in their own voices to reach their goals

  • mentor teachers to have agency, confidence and self-efficacy.

Personal Statement

“Kua tawhiti kē tō haerenga mai, kia kore e haere tonu. He nui rawa o mahi, kia kore e mahi tonu”

You have come too far, not to go further. You have done too much, not to do more Tā Hēmi Hēnare (Ngāti Hine 1989)

I am part of this nation. I have much more work to carry on with, to make it a great nation. I  care greatly about what will make a difference, which is, education that reflects our stories, our inherent capabilities, that acknowledges to be Māori is an advantage, to support Māori success i.