Our CORE Strengths

To grow the future, we need to be working on it today. Focusing on education for the future increases learning potential, allowing us to nurture knowledge and transform education.


CORE Vision

Transformation is fundamental to educational success – enabling us to move from today to tomorrow. Teaching old things in old ways, or even old things in new ways, will not develop education. In preparing students for their future, we need to enable and support educators so they are empowered to teach new things in new ways. 

CORE Mission

To push the boundaries of educational possibility.

CORE Purpose

By stimulating and inspiring thought leadership we work to transform the educational experience. CORE is passionate about pushing the boundaries of educational possibility; we also understand the challenges contemporary educators and learners face in the modern learning environment.
We exist to ensure education develops, providing the necessary solutions and support that enable and empower excellent learning – to make sure the possibilities become probable.

CORE Experience

A client-centred approach delivers appropriate and engaging solutions, ensuring educational possibilities are achieved. We work with you, combining joint knowledge and expertise, developing and facilitating and supporting as required. CORE’s learning solutions are fully inclusive and accessible to all. Ultimately, we help educators deliver the best educational possibilities to all learners, in their respective environments.

Contact us on 0800 267 301 to discuss your individual requirements.