edSpace is CORE’s professional learning community, specifically designed for educators, leaders, participants and wider community to engage with the team at CORE. Our aim is to build an excellent tomorrow by helping you transform education today.

This is a place for all to have a voice for change; where we can focus on deeper engagement and stronger connections through dedicated conversations about a future-focused education in Aotearoa. With your help, we want to push the boundaries of educational possibilities in Aotearoa.

Here you'll find a collection of groups and a mixture of communities - each dedicated to particular interests and people. Some meeting spaces are openly associated with CORE projects, products or services (events), fostering opportunities for many voices to engage, share, debate, challenge and explore.

We encourage you to join edSpace and specific groups (ngā rōpū) to be actively involved in the community conversations. You are also welcome to create a group of your own on a particular area of work so you can connect with other like-minded educators.

Visit the edSpace site