Educational ICT audits


The Vision and Provision school review and IT audit service provides independent and unbiased advice to schools wanting to achieve a future-focused, ICT-enabled learning environment.

Vision and Provision is a partnership between CORE Education and TorqueIP.
Together we offer a combination of skills and expertise that are relevant to your context and needs. We respect existing relationships your school has.

Vision and Provision programme elements:


Develop a clear view of what your school goals are, and have these ‘owned’ by your staff and community.

Physical and technical infrastructure

Investment in a robust and future-focused ICT infrastructure can be costly, but is essential to underpin any effort to take advantage of the learning opportunities afforded by the use of ICTs in the classroom.


There is an ever increasing range of applications and services available to schools that support both the administration and learning that takes place. Trying to make the right choices can be confusing, there is a lot to be taken into account, including how one service may interact with another, and how ‘portable’ the data is.


The main focus for equipping schools with effective ICT systems is on improving outcomes for learners. Staff and students need assistance in understanding how to use ICTs effectively, and need to be supported in their efforts to integrate the use of ICTs into every part of their programmes.

Independent and unbiased advice

Your school can now engage with experts to identify your areas of need across all levels of education. This is not a "package deal". We customise completely to meet your budget, your size, and specific requirements.

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