Connecting people and place: LEARNZ on The Project

TV3’s The Project featured the LEARNZ online field trip to Fiordland in partnership with Pure Salt NZ, a charter company. 

CORE Education’s LEARNZ programme brings exciting, free learning opportunities to students so they can access the inaccessible remotely. Educating young people on wild places around Aotearoa, Antarctica and beyond is underpinned by environmental goals. 

 “We’re hoping to inspire the next generation of conservationists, regardless of where they live in Aotearoa,” says Shelley Heresey, a LEARNZ field trip teacher. 

The Expedition Fiordland trip took place in September. The videos transport viewers to the beautifully wild Tamatea – Dusky Sound to see the vital restorative environmental project that it is hoped will turn the region into one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth. Rat trapping and saving birds is all in a day’s work for these workers. As you can see from the video, two lucky young conservationists won a competition to tag along for the helicopter ride. 

So... what are you waiting for? Get your e-boots on!