How do we develop innovative mindsets?

CORE’s Suzi Gould says that young innovators are more visible than ever before.

The Accredited Facilitator uses a number of change frameworks in her work and she believes, as per her recent CORE Education blog, that “to thrive at a time of global change we need to tap into values-based innovation and support it in our schools, kura and learning communities.”

She asks educators: “What skills do we need to nurture, what spaces could we create, so that all young people can develop innovative mindsets to build better futures?” 

Suzi’s opinion editorial discusses the rise of young innovators and puts it that the time is right to draw on the gifts and talents of learners to help problem solve and lead the change we need to see. A Te Ao Māori view of giftedness helps us here too.

The need to make space for young people to identify problems that matter to them is paramount, as is their ability to be heard, participate in decision making and hold real influence. 

“In order to teach innovation, we have to innovate in our own teaching,” Suzi says.

See Suzi’s blog for suggestions and tools to support teachers and young people in developing the innovator mindsets and equitable frameworks needed to tackle our world’s “wicked problems”. Learn about everything from the Universal Design for Learning and Te Tukanga Hoahoa Whakaaro, to the Liberatory Design process.

The next iNVENTIONATOR for gifted learners event takes place virtually 16–19 November. Register your students’ participation today. CORE is delighted to announce that the Ministry of Education will extend funding for this for another two years.