Top trends come into clearer focus in 2020

Ten Trends 2020 takes a retrospective look at the trends in education over the last 15 years. 

Derek Wenmoth, a Principal Consultant at CORE Education, says that by “taking notice of the patterns we see emerging, and identifying the tipping points that may occur along the way...we can at least be prepared for what may lie ahead.”

The events of 2020, namely the global pandemic and its requirement for new ways of teaching and learning, has brought into clear focus key themes that lie at the heart of CORE’s Ten Trends framework and justify this retrospective review. For example:

  • Structural (for example, distance learning)
  • Process (for example, deep learning)
  • Economic (for example, design thinking)
  • Cultural (for example, learner agency)
  • Technological (for example, equitable access)



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Derek Wenmoth, a founder of CORE Education, is regarded as one of New Zealand education’s foremost future-focused thinkers. He regularly consults with policy makers and government agencies on the future of Aotearoa educational policy and practice.