Te Whakaahu Hautūtanga | Advanced Leadership

He hōtaka hāpai i ngā wāhine mātauranga ki te eke momoho i ngā mahi hautū | Developing exceptional women leaders in education

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga
Fill the basket of knowledge.

The Advanced Leadership programme enables women to realise their full potential as educational leaders.

Delivered through a powerful, six-month learning experience, the programme contains multiple elements including webinars, peer coaching and wero (challenges).

Module content includes reflecting on your purpose, developing practical leadership skills, and creating your future pathway.


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  • Programme overview

    Programme overview Programme overview

    Advanced Leadership includes:

    2 leadership capability assessments, before and after the programme 4 hours
    7 webinars 1.5 hours each
    Self-directed learning 2-3 hours a week, online
    2 peer coaching sessions 4 hours
    1 wero 4 hours
    5 adaptive leadership challenges 6 hours


    Peer coaching

    Participants enter into a peer mentoring partnership with a co-participant. This is an introduction to understanding and using an effective peer coaching model.



    Each participant will collaborate on one group task, or wero, to help engage with the course content. They will be tasked to create and deliver a five minute presentation for a webinar.


    Adaptive leadership challenge

    Each participant explores the principles of adaptive leadership by applying them to a challenge in their own workplace.



  • Purpose

    Purpose Purpose

    This programme enables women in education to grow their understanding and skills so that they realise their full potential as educational leaders.

    Programme content reflects the complex needs and challenges faced by leaders in Aotearoa today. It will help participants to strengthen their sense of moral purpose as leaders, grow self efficacy, and build key leadership capabilities.

    The Advanced Leadership programme establishes the foundations for long term career growth through the guiding principles of empowerment, growth, and collaboration.

  • Modules

    Modules Modules


    Module 1: Mindful and authentic leadership

    Develop a deeper understanding of your moral purpose as a leader in Aotearoa.


    Module 2: Conflict and feedback 

    Understand how to manage conflict effectively in complex situations.


    Module 3: Mastering influencing and negotiation

    Learn how to influence and motivate the people you lead.


    Module 4: Leading innovation and change

    Understand how to lead courageously and implement sustainable change.


    Module 5: Creating my pathway

    Reflect on your development and your next steps as a leader.




  • Pricing‌

    Pricing‌ Pricing‌

    $1,899 plus GST per person

    Generally fees must be paid in full before the start of the programme. Please contact us about alternative payment options.

  • FAQs

    FAQs FAQs

    How much leadership experience do I need to have?
    There is no prerequisite amount of leadership experience required.

    Women with a wide range of leadership experience participate in the programme, from kaiako at the beginning of their leadership journey to experienced senior leaders, managers, and principals.

    When are the webinars held?
    Webinars are generally held in the late afternoon/early evening. All webinars are recorded and made available to participants afterwards.

    How does the programme fit within my existing schedule?
    Participants are expected to commit 2–3 hours per week to Advanced Leadership (including webinars and independent learning).

    The online platform is accessible 24/7 and wero (challenges) can be completed at the most suitable time for you.

    How much does the programme cost?
    $1,899 plus GST

    Generally fees must be paid in full before the start of the programme, please contact us about alternative payment options.

    How long can I access the course material?
    Course material (including webinar recordings) will be available for 12 weeks after the final webinar.

  • Early Years context programme

    Early Years context programme Early Years context programme

    For specific early years context, we have cohorts that run during the year.

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