Wellbeing professional development

Supporting your own wellbeing will in turn support ākonga to succeed and thrive

Cultivate your wellbeing

Learning experiences that help to unpack and put in place strategies to support the mental and personal wellbeing of educators, ākonga, and whānau in Aotearoa. Create rituals and habits that put you first with our highly-recommended and sought after programmes.

The main focus areas will be:
  • Strengthening collective wellbeing
  • Utilising a strengths-based approach and appreciative inquiry
  • Building resilience to overcome challenges
  • Enabling you to co-design learning with ākonga voice to develop agency
  • Rethinking the definition of success in your context
  • Acknowledging culture, identity, and whānau
  • Using kaupapa Māori models for a holistic view of hauora (wellbeing).

Hauora | Wellbeing programme

Based on the latest research and evidence, and designed specifically for Aotearoa, this programme supports educators to develop collective wellbeing in their learning communities.
The hauora (wellbeing) programme supports learning communities, including:
• Kura
• Schools
• Kāhui Ako
• Individuals - educators, ākonga, and whānau

Hauora | Wellbeing programme
CORE Education Wellbeing 600x600

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