Breakfast: Early career teachers: what keeps their love for teaching alive, and what burns them out?

Speakers: Susan Lovett and Marie Cameron
Event date: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 07:30 to 08:45

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About the seminar

Marie Cameron and Susan Lovett

Researchers Susan Lovett and Marie Cameron have been involved in an NZCER longitudinal study of 57 primary and secondary teachers who were identified in their first two years of teaching as showing potential to make a substantial long-term contribution to the profession. This is known as The Teachers of Promise study. Since 2005 they have followed the ups and downs of these teachers’ careers through to now when they are in their tenth year of teaching. Participants have plenty to say about the things that keep their love for teaching alive and growing, as well as the threats to the realization of their initial promise.

This CORE breakfast session will:

  • Briefly describe the Teacher of Promise study
  • Show the patterns emerging of early career teachers’ employment over time - e.g. why do they change schools?
  • Reveal who is still teaching, what the others are doing and why
  • Describe the important factors that contribute to keeping these teachers
  • Talk about their progression into leadership roles and how to support this transition effectively.
This session will be particularly useful for school leaders with responsibility for the support of newly qualified staff, classroom teachers working alongside them and anyone interested in providing effective and ways of contributing to the ongoing success of our emerging leaders of the future.

About our presenters

Marie Cameron was formerly a primary and secondary school teacher, educational psychologist and teacher educator before becoming a researcher. She is passionate about the need to prepare teachers well for teaching and the need to support them in their careers so that they thrive in their work and maintain their initial enthusiasm for teaching.

Susan Lovett is currently responsible for the postgraduate educational leadership programme at the University of Canterbury. She works with aspiring, novice and experienced leaders finding ways to deepen leadership practices that can make a difference to students and their learning. Susan began her career as a primary teacher.


Wednesday 6 November 2012 7.30am