Breakfast: Supporting curriculum design and review

Speakers: Christina Ward and Jane Nicholls
Event date: Friday, September 21, 2012 - 07:30 to 08:45
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About the seminar

Christina Ward & Jane Nicholls

It is almost five years on from the launch of The New Zealand Curriculum. How are schools sustaining the momentum of curriculum review and development?

At this breakfast, we aim to introduce a feast of curriculum resources available online to support curriculum conversations and decisions. We will guide you to a number of important curriculum research, learning resources, and tools. We will talk about ways schools take these online resources and use them effectively.

What recent research is available to inform school curriculum development? How might schools use curriculum stories to challenge, inform and inspire conversations and decisions? How does NZC Online support learning about the NZC principles?

This CORE breakfast session will:

  • Introduce findings from recent research on school curriculum development successes and challenges.
  • Explore key aspects of NZC Online, including new sections and features.
  • Explore curriculum principles through school stories and tools.
  • Discuss ways schools use online resources to encourage conversations and learning.

This session will be particularly useful for school leaders and middle leaders, those with responsibility for developing and supporting The New Zealand Curriculum within schools, and professional learning facilitators working with schools on curriculum review and development.

About our presenters

Christina Ward and Jane Nicholls work for CORE Education, and manage the New Zealand Curriculum Online. Since the launch of The New Zealand Curriculum, they have guided the development of this site. They work with Ministry of Education, school leadership and national professional learning networks to provide a rich array of research, resources and opportunities for curriculum learning and sharing.

Christina and Jane both have teaching backgrounds. Before joining COREJane was a deputy principal, ICT facilitator and an eFellow. Christina has an extensive background in online community development, and educational writing and publishing both in print and online.


Friday 21 September 7.30am


Breakfast $30 (prices include GST)


Te Wahanga Atawhai Mercy Conference Centre
15 Guildford Terrace