2004 eFellows


maurice alford
Maurice Alford
 - Secondary Fellow

What are the implications for changing school structures if teachers and students are learning in fundamentally different ways?


On this journey I intend to explore how teachers and students learn to use video-editing applications, how the new skills and understandings developed become integrated into pedagogy, and how authentic cross-curricular learning experiences for students can be implemented in the context of credentialing.


andrew carswell 

Andrew Carswell - Secondary Fellow

What is the effect of thematic 3D environments on student performance and attitude?


In my research this year I intend to investigate the effectiveness (attitudinally and academically) of virtual reality (computer gaming) technology on students' learning in a year 11 science classroom.




claire derham cole

Claire Derham-Cole - Primary Fellow

In what ways and to what extent can Information Communication Technology (ICT) activities enhance te reo Maori skills in a bilingual context?


Action research looking at how a variety of ICT activities and e-learning strategies can be used in a bilingual classroom to foster the use of te reo Maori. The research will look at which activities are effective and why.


blair giles 

Blair Giles - Primary Fellow

How do e-learning projects based in a literacy context stimulate creativity in the reticent/reluctant writer?


This project in action research set in a high access computer context at a primary level, looking at the teaching and learning of written language - specifically the engagement of stimulation of creativity in the reticent writer in an e-learning environment.


gayleen mackereth 

Gayleen Mackereth - Secondary Fellow

To what extent and in what way do learners construct meaningful knowledge when using in ICT in foreign language classrooms?


The research looks into the strategies learners employ to construct meaningful knowledge when involved with authentic web based resources, the tasks and contexts in which learners are most likely to be fully engaged, the construction of meaningful knowledge, and how learning community affects the uptake of that knowledge.


anne mason

Anne Mason - Primary Fellow

What factors and teaching strategies make for effective teaching and learning that might contribute to primary school students experiencing delight in an online learning community?


My case study focuses on students learning collaboratively within an online learning community. It investigates the factors and teaching strategies used in the online community that are effective in engaging and motivating students.


karen newbrook 

Karen Newbrook - Primary Fellow

Does e-learning enhance the learning environment for students who learn differently?


The focus of this project is to explore how e-learning can support a learning environment for students who have specific learning difficulties.


 mel rodden

Mel Rodden - Information Communication Technologies Professional Development (ICTPD) Facilitator

What makes a cluster model sustainable when the money runs out?


Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Professional Development clusters are wonderful when there is funding, but what do I do as a facilitator and what do others do to ensure sustainability when the funding stops? This action research projec t identifies key strategies for sustainability of professional development programmes.




liz stevenson

Liz Stevenson - Secondary Fellow

How can e-mentoring make a difference?


This Study looks at the value of matching year 13 physical education students at Trident High School with sports lecturers/mentors at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and a series of high profile guest sportspeople. Partnerships with the AUT provide hosting through a purpose-built conference room, Sportlink, and online learning tools using the participants, multiburst images for analyzing techniques, and exercise programmes via video on CD and movies. Students achieve a degree of flexibilit y by using wireless laptops.




lynda walsh pasco

Lynda Walsh-Pasco - Secondary Fellow

What constitutes effective practice is using video-conferencing for e-learning?


This grounded theory project explores current practice among e-teaches to determine effective practice techniques and strategies when using video conferencing. The findings will influence planning of ongoing professional development.