2015 eFellows


The 2015 eFellows were announced at uLearn14. Let them introduce themselves and what they hope to achieve through the scholarship.

Vivita Rabo


I’m a teacher of deaf for Kelston Deaf Education Centre (KDEC) at Mission Heights Junior College Provision in Auckland. I’m interested in developing the e-learning culture of deaf education for KDEC, to explore e-learning platforms to support teaching and learning, and create that much needed 'space' for deaf students, their families, teachers of the deaf, and mainstream teachers to collaborate, share, network: building effective deaf communities of practice.

Connect with Vivita – Twitter: @vrabo1

Camilla Brotherton


I am interested in how teachers, learners and whānau go about rethinking the traditional mindset of who is in control of learning, and how personalised learning can provoke learner agency for students and teachers. Teachers may espouse that we share control with learners and are rethinking our roles, but in reality, what does this genuine collaboration look like?

Connect with Camilla – Twitter: @CamiBrotherton

Stephanie Kitto


I’m interested in exploring ways that technology can spark curiosity, questioning and thinking skills in the early years of schooling; skills that are at the heart of developing life long learners. I am particularly interesting in exploring how technology can reach beyond the four walls of the classroom, in order to spark children’s natural curiosity.

Connect with Stephanie – Twitter: @StephKitto1

Mel Wiersma

Mel Wiresma

I will be exploring what personalised and modern learning approaches work best together, to support Maori and Pasifika students to become engaged and empowered lifelong learners. This inquiry came from reflecting on my experiences in different schools which led me to wonder what combinations would work best for Māori and Pasifika students specifically.

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Steve Mouldey

Steve Mouldey

I am Specialised Learning Leader at Hobsonville Point Secondary School but probably better known as @GeoMouldey on twitter. My inquiry is going to investigate the effectiveness of design thinking for student learning and what e-tools may possibly amplify that learning for students. I see what seem to be great benefits for students when we use Design Thinking but what to find out if this is really the situation.

Connect with Steve – Twitter: @GeoMouldey

Richard Wells


I’m the Head of Technology at Orewa College, I’m iPadWells online and I blog at iPad4schools.org. My inquiry will challenge the unconnected teacher. It feels like an education revolution is taking place online and the majority of teachers are out of the loop. I will look at the impact of connecting teachers with their profession online and it’s impact on classroom activity and student outcomes.

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Philippa Nicoll Antipas


I’m interested in exploring how we might use modern learning environments to amplify design thinking practices.This sparks my interest because I’m passionate about the rich potentialities design thinking offers and I want to learn more about how we can best enhance this mindset in our students.

Connect with Philippa – Twitter: @AKeenReader

The CORE Education eFellowship is based on a strong belief that action research can drive innovative practice. The annual programme, run since 2004, supports up to ten teachers from early years, primary, and/or secondary sectors to be released from the classroom to conduct an inquiry with academic support and mentoring. Over 80 educators are now part of the ever-growing network of eFellows. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the programme.