Index of Past eFellows Reports


2004 eFellows

  • Maurice Alford - What are the implications for changing school structures if teachers and students are learning in fundamentally different ways?
  • Andrew Carswell - What is the effect of thematic 3D environments on student performance and attitude?
  • Claire Derham-Cole- In what ways and to what extent can ICT activities enhance te reo Māori skills in a bilingual context?
  • Blair Giles - How do e-learning projects based in a literacy context stimulate creativity in the reticent/reluctant writer?
  • Gayleen Mackereth - To what extent and how do learners construct meaningful knowledge when using in ICT in foreign language classrooms?
  • Anne Mason - What factors and teaching strategies make for effective teaching and learning that contribute to primary school students experiencing delight in an online learning community?
  • Karen Newbrook - Does e-learning enhance the learning environment for students who learn differently?
  • Mel Stopford - What makes a cluster model sustainable when the money runs out?
  • Liz Stevenson- How can e-mentoring make a difference?
  • Lynda Walsh-Pasco- What constitutes effective practice in using video-conferencing for e-learning