Māori Education Grants 2020


Unuhia te pō, te pō whiri mārama
Tomokia te ao, te ao whatu tāngata
Tātai ki runga, tātai ki raro, tātai aho rau
Haumi e, hui e, Tāiki e!

CORE Education Ltd is a social enterprise organisation who are all about pushing the boundaries of educational possibility. We have a strong desire to transform education for Māori learners, their whānau, hapū and iwi through supporting innovation, creativity and research. Tātai Aho Rau is a concept that guides our professional practice at CORE and it encapsulates four key elements: Whakapapa, Reo, Tikanga and Wairua.

CORE Education offers grants that enhance educational opportunities for Māori, from early years through to secondary education, to individuals, whānau, and/or Māori communities. The purpose of our Māori Education Grants is to promote Māori distinctiveness, illuminate creative potential, and influence successful educational pathways.

Applications have closed for the 2020 Māori Education Grants.


Pūtea Tautoko Mātauranga Māori nā Tātai Aho Rau 2020

Taku tū ki te ao
‘Exploring my contribution to the world’

The theme this year is, ‘Taku tū ki te ao.’ It’s about exploring and realising your contribution to the world and we want to help you to do that.

This year our Māori Education Grants comprises of two categories:

1. Tūhuratia, whakaarohia, auahatia! 

This grant is designed to support the recipients to be proactive in the exploration and realisation of an idea or ideas that will develop and expand the learning and thinking of whānau, hapū and iwi, around the theme of ‘Taku tū ki te ao’ and what that looks like.

It is envisaged that the successful applicants will inspire those around them through their innovation and contribution to their world. Their vision and creativity will impact positively on learning and education for Māori, and nurture the potential in the generations to come.

2. Innovation and Indigenous Research Grant 

We honour our dear colleague Maria Tibble with dedicating Indigenous Innovation and Research in her memory. Maria always inspired us to be innovative thinkers and to deeply consider the ways that we honour our indigeneity. Her passion for research and storytelling is shared here in this grant, and we invite you to explore how you might also realise your own contribution to innovative indigenous spaces.

This grant will be awarded to one recipient who proactively demonstrates innovation in exploring and implementing marau ā-kura. It provides an opportunity for ECE, schools and kura to honour the cultural narratives of the precious land and spaces that they dwell. What are the innovative ways that you are learning, enhancing and sharing these stories?

The successful applicant will inspire those around them, through their innovation and contribution to their world. Their vision and creativity will nurture potential in the generations to come.

Eligibility of applicants

Applicants for these grants may be:

  • individuals that provide innovation and research initiatives or programmes.
  • educators/kaiako who are looking to expand their indigenous research and innovation learning
  • educators who wish to provide special initiatives that enhance learning opportunities for Māori students, whānau, hapū and iwi.

Successful recipients

Recipients of CORE Education Māori Grants will acknowledge some or all aspects of Tātai Aho Rau:


  • Demonstrate a commitment to the education of Māori students in early childhood, primary or secondary education.
  • Show a commitment to learning, their school, and community.
  • Commit to sharing their new learning with colleagues/peers/the community.


  • Be working in a school/centre/organisation that promotes and actively encourages the use of te reo Māori me ōna tikanga.
  • Is a bilingual/immersion setting committed to the revitalisation and/or intergenerational transmission of te reo Māori.


  • Be actively engaged in and seek opportunities to gain new learning that will support Māori students to access and contribute to te ao Māori and te ao whānui.


  • Seeking opportunities to be involved in new innovations and sharing of ideas that enhance, and add value to te ao Māori.

Recipients will be required to do a selection of the following (to be discussed further with the successful applicants):

  • Complete an update to the Māori Grants Committee every school term.
  • Submit either a blog and/or vlog showcasing how the grant has contributed to the given kaupapa.
  • Attend/present at uLearn20 if appropriate.
  • Provide an update on the impact this grant has made on the project, tamariki, kura/school, community including relevant success factors and key learnings.

Important dates

Applications opened: 10 October 2019

Applications closed: 5.00pm 31 January 2020

Successful applicants notified: 14 February 2020

Successful applicants announced: 28 February 2020

Funds released to successful applicants: March 2020