Travel Scholars 2014


Congratulations to the Halswell School Leadership Team

The CORE Travel Scholarship will allow the team to conduct action research; visiting established Modern Learning Environments in preparation for the rebuild of their school, which was badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes.

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The Leadership Team comprises: Principal Bruce Topham; Associate Principals Gavin Burn and Cathie Zelas; and Learning Team Leaders Lisa Dovey (Year 7-8), Anita Head (Year 5-6), Gael McFarlane (Year 3-4), and Julie Phillips (Year 0-2).

Halswell School in Christchurch is a large, decile 10 full primary school with a current role of approximately 530. The school was badly damaged in the September 2010 earthquake and is currently being completely rebuilt as a modern learning environment. The school is being rebuilt on our existing site which means space is severely limited at present. The new buildings are being completed in stages throughout 2014 and early 2015.

The main focus for the Leadership Team since the earthquakes has been on maintaining a functioning school in less-than-ideal facilities, and supporting staff to develop 21st century pedagogy in preparation for the transition to a Modern Learning Environment. In 2013, the school worked closely with CORE Education to provide professional development for all staff on teaching and learning in an MLE and this partnership is continuing in 2014.

The Leadership Team are thrilled to be the recipients of the 2014 CORE Education Travel Scholarship and intend to use the award to conduct action research in the area of self-directed learning. We are interested in developing pedagogical approaches across our school to support our students to be self-directed learners in our new Modern Learning Environment. We want to develop a Halswell approach to self-directed learning that scaffolds our students and builds competencies from new entrants to Year 8 and that supports our Halswell Graduate Profile.

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The CORE Travel Scholarship was closed in 2015. Please see CORE's other Grants and awards.