Travel Scholarship 2011


Chris Henderson—Winner of the CORE Education Travel Scholarship

Chris Henderson won the Travel Scholarship while teaching at Aranui High School. Deeply involved in social agencies, such as Christchurch's own Social Innovation, he has focussed on involving his students in global matters, giving them a voice. With the scholarship money he travelled to the International Conference on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in January 2012. His paper, 'Social Media as an Educational Tool for Developing Youth Citizenship in a Post Disaster Context', drew on his experience after the Christchurch earthquakes.

Some highlights for him were:

  • Meeting some of the world's leading thinkers and practitioners in Disaster Management and Sustainability
  • Meeting other educators thinking outside the box and engaging NGO's and Non Profits in the success of their classroom projects
  • Driving south along Pacific Highway 1 to Paso Robles, the site of a major quake in 2003.
  • Talking with locals there about the rebuild of their town
  • Visiting Parklands, site of the deepest point of the San Andreas Fault
  • Meeting more awesome people, eating AMAZING Mexican food.


The CORE Travel Scholarship was closed in 2015. Please see CORE's other Grants and awards.