Accredited Facilitator (English-medium) and Project Leader - NPDL

Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands
Margot McKeegan FS


Trained Teachers’ Certificate – Christchurch College of Education
Postgraduate Diploma – Christchurch College of Education
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) – University of Canterbury

Professional experience

Margot works for Tātai Aho Rau Core Education as a future-focused facilitator supporting teachers, leaders, and students. She supports the development of Tātai Aho Rau's online and workshop programmes, tailoring them to meet the needs of our participants.

As an experienced and innovative educational leader, Margot draws on experiences from both primary and secondary, to work alongside a number of schools across Aotearoa, New Zealand, transforming learning, leading and development in a personalised, future-focused way. This includes working closely with leadership teams, leading professional learning, and facilitating online learning.

Margot works as a change leader supporting principals and lead teachers to develop modern learning pedagogies as schools transition into more innovative learning environments. She plans and delivers in-depth, contextually relevant professional development programmes which build teacher capability and best practice over time.

Over the past 10 years, Margot has actively promoted the value of networks of schools working collaboratively to build teachers capacity to support their learners. As cluster lead for a global project New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), she works collaboratively across seven countries, including our Aotearoa NZ cluster of schools. This project uses sound pedagogical practices, authentic real life learning design protocols plus effective use of digital technology to accelerate and deepen student learning.

Margot has strengths in guiding schools through the Master Planning process – both as a CORE facilitator and chairperson of a Board of Trustees. This involves supporting schools to understand the valuable link between pedagogy and space throughout all stages of the design process, and collaboration between educators, architects and facilitators to ensure planning and design decisions are led by and evolve accordingly. She has facilitated tours of innovative learning environments looking at schools in New Zealand and Melbourne.


Margot has expertise in the following areas:

Change leadership

Working with middle and senior leaders, schools, and communities to:

  • build capacity to lead change
  • mentor and coach leaders to build capabilities
  • support schools and boards around the Master Planning process
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education and responsive practices
  • develop strong networked learning opportunities across schools.
Future-focused education

Working with schools, communities, and boards of trustees to:

  • explore future-focused goals, including agency, personalisation, collaboration, digital fluency, and inclusiveness
  • support the implementation of future focused practice in an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive way
  • build capacity within schools and communities, to implement innovative learning practice, aligned to the school vision and values
  • evaluate, refine, and innovate current practices using collaborative inquiry models as evidence-based support
  • develop learner dispositions across a wide curriculum areas and levels
  • plan PLD that supports the development of innovative learning practice.
Evaluative capability

Successfully supporting learning communities to:

  • use a variety of review tools; tools include the eLearning Planning Framework, Educational Positioning System (EPS), and the NPDL Coherence Framework .
  • identify target areas of PLS needs via the analysis of student achievement data
  • develop an evidence seeking mindset to inform change and develop priorities
  • regularly reflect / learn / implement using an effective collaborative inquiry framework.
Digital fluency

Successfully supported learning communities to:

  • enable teachers and learners to become digitally literate and responsible digital citizens
  • increase school capability to effectively use social media, online spaces and virtual areas to build learning connections / learning environments.
Online and virtual facilitation
  • Building strong understandings of quality instructional design.
  • Ensuring effective online and virtual (webinar) delivery techniques which ensure all participants (learners) experience effective PLD from various locations nationally or internationally.
  • Supporting and coordinating the development of national Professional development programmes such as emerging eLeaders, Modern Learning Practice and change leadership

Recent conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops

Keynote speaker

2016: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), Deep Learning Lab, Christchurch (Event Management and Facilitator)
2015: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, Deep Learning Lab, Seattle – The Power of Collaboration

Personal statement

I’m a connected educator who enjoys networking, meeting new people and looking for innovative learning opportunities. I believe digital technologies can accelerate and support deep learning for all.