Kaupapa | philosophy


“Tātai ki runga, tātai ki raro, tātai aho rau,
haumi e, hui e tāiki e”

I draw energy from above, I draw energy from below,
the energies entwine, our presence is acknowledged.

He Waka Unua

A waka hourua is a double-hulled canoe. Unua is a term used to describe the lashings that join two or more hulls of a waka or canoe together.

The process of joining one hull to another or, in the case of He Waka Unua, the joining of kaiārahi (mentor/coach) with mentee/coachee, is to give strength and guidance. It is to assist with purpose, bring together, and encourage achievement of common goals.

He Waka Unua supports both kaiārahi and the mentee/coachee to navigate pathways together. The interconnections of the people in the waka are important for successful navigation. Their collaborative effort will result in benefits for everyone involved.

Each waka retains its own integrity and the two hulls supporting them offer space between. Traditionally this space between was for food. In He Waka Unua, the metaphorical space between kaiārahi and mentee/coachee is kept for new learnings. Using these learnings, each can move forward on an active journey with hope and optimism, navigating rough seas together. On this journey, we have opportunities to reframe our own stories.

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