Meet the kaiārahi


Our kaiārahi (coaches and mentors) have a range of experience. Meet them below to find out who could be the best match for you.


Sarah Whiting


Amira Aman


Anne Kenneally


Ara Simmons


Gae Thawley


Glenda Albon


Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll has worked in a range of mentoring and coaching contexts over recent years. He has nearly 30 years experience as a principal and leader of high performing teams in school settings, and as a leader of large PLD programmes. This means he brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of change and leadership to his mahi as a coach and mentor.

He uses 'Learning Talk' (Dalton and Anderson) and other models and processes in his work with individuals and teams. He likes to bring different perspectives to his mahi and build on the strengths of others. He says that one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach and mentor is building on the strengths people already have and seeing them fly in ways they never thought they could.

Greg has experience successfully supporting improvement initiatives with leadership teams, Kāhui Ako, and individuals. Recently he has also worked with the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning programme alongside Michael Fullan and his team and this has enabled him to bring expertise in this approach to his mahi for schools who are part of the NPDL programme.


Jamie Taylor


Madeline Campbell


Nick Major

Nick Major

Nick Major has been working as a coach and mentor for nine years, following 21 years as a school principal. From 2011-16, he was a kaiārahi (coach) for the National Aspiring Principals’ programme, and has completed formal study in professional coaching.

Nick draws upon the wide range of experiences and skills he has acquired to inspire you to be and do the best you can at whatever you want to accomplish, either personally or professionally.

His clients have acknowledged Nick’s respectful, empathetic yet growth-oriented approach, his ability to ask the questions that matter, and skill in helping to shift routine ways of thinking to more adaptive ways that lead to new insights and possibilities for action.


Rachel McNamara

Rachel McNamara

Rachel McNamara has had over 13 years coaching and mentoring. In her roles as Deputy Principal and Curriculum Design leader and then during her time at CORE, she has mentored leaders, teachers, individuals and groups. She moves seamlessly from facilitation to mentoring as the need arises.

A real strength of Rachel’s is her ability to identify where people are at, and gently support individuals to grow and realise their potential. She ensures she listens openly and responds positively to those she works with. She assists people to see perspective by looking at things differently. She will summarise what she hears and checks for clarity during conversation. Rachel ensures to ask permission to move from the role of mentor to facilitator, as conversations may change.

People who work with Rachel describe her as empathetic, purpose-driven, organised and a good listener. She has a warmth in discussions, which creates a connection where people feel open to share their thoughts and feelings. She helps people to make sense of their world, by asking open and pertinent questions.


Rahera Ormsby


Rosalie Reiri


Rebbecca Sweeney

Rebbecca Sweeney

Rebbecca Sweeney has been a mentor and coach for the past seven years at CORE. She has mentored individuals and teams at CORE and externally online and face-to-face. Her experiences range from mentoring groups of team leaders and middle/senior leaders to develop their team, and their own leadership capability, to mentoring individual business owners or leaders in understanding and developing their leadership style using research, tools and resources as well as the mentee’s own knowledge and experience.

Whether it be leadership, communication, teamwork, managing your workload or setting and achieving personal and professional goals, Rebbecca supports you to navigate your own way through using reflective questions, tools and resources that are selected specifically for your needs. She uses warm and supportive ways to help you to be the best you can be. Rebbecca thrives on being able to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Her clients describe her as being non-judgmental, challenging (in a good way!) and someone who can help you to make sense of all the balls you may be juggling so that you feel in control of your work and life.


Suzi Gould

Suzi Gould

Suzi Gould has supported clients with a variety of learning styles, cultures and needs from a range of contexts. Suzi shows deep respect for her clients and where they come from.

She provides a supportive and safe environment where you or your team are able to:

  • articulate thinking and talk your way to meaning
  • think a little harder as she asks you reflective questions
  • reflect on how you see yourself and explore multiple perspectives
  • help you step outside yourself and test assumptions
  • understand your values and set meaningful goals
  • be yourself and laugh a little

Suzi utilises a range of highly tuned listening and questioning skills that supports you to:

  • identify and refinine goals,
  • learn to work more cohesively
  • declutter and deepen thinking
  • simplify processes to achieve goals

One of Suzi’s areas of expertise is working with leadership teams, as a critical friend using a strength based approach, she encourages shifts in thinking and practise and helps to identify and celebrate successes.

Suzi has been coaching and mentoring for many years, both within education and business contexts, where her clients describe her as non-judgmental, motivating, genuine, caring and kind. She is known for helping people to not just think about the what, but the how and why of things - moving from lists of jobs and to-do lists into considering how your actions can align to your values - really walking the talk.