Curriculum leadership programme 2013

Week beginning
Mode Theme  Emerging/Engaging Extending/Empowering
Week 1 Synchronous Understanding the context Setting the scene Setting the scene
Week 2 Asynchronous How schools are organised Identifying professional inquiry
Week 3 Synchronous Barriers and opportunities Reflection and feedback
Week 4 Asynchronous Conditions for change Reflection and feedback
Week 5 Synchronous Challenge First TAI cycle review
Week 6 Synchronous Learner centred Drivers of change 2nd inquiry focus: learner centred
Week 7 Asynchronous Shifting the ownership of learning Reflection and feedback
Week 8 Asynchronous Dealing with the issues Reflection and feedback
Week 9 Synchronous Conducive environments Mentoring support
Week 10 Asynchronous Challenge Second TAI cycle review
Week 11 Synchronous Future Focus Sustainability 3rd inquiry focus: being future focused
Week 12 Asynchronous Enterprise Reflection and feedback
Week 13 Asynchronous Globalisation Reflection and feedback
Week 14 Synchronous Citizenship Mentoring support
Week 15 Asynchronous Challenge Third TAI cycle review
Week 16 Synchronous Key competencies - integration and reporting Mapping competency development 4th inquiry focus: leading curriculum change
Week 17 Asynchronous New tools, new methods Reflection and feedback
Week 18 Asynchronous Mentoring competency development Reflection and feedback
Week 19 Synchronous Approaches to reporting Mentoring support
Week 20 Asynchronous Challenge Fourth TAI cycle review
Week 21 Synchronous Developing a school Curriculum Big picture planning Mentoring support
Week 22 Asynchronous Creating a strategic plan Third TAI cycle review
Week 23 Asynchronous Teaching as inquiry 4th inquiry focus: leading curriculum change
Week 24 Synchronous Evaluation effectiveness Reflection and feedback
Week 25 Asynchronous Bringing it all together Reflection and feedback