EDtours FAQ


EdTours FAQ

Can I stay on after the tour for a holiday?

Yes, as long as your visa is valid. CORE can help arrange your holiday itinerary.

Can I change where I stay?

Yes. This will be negotiated with CORE.

Where will I stay?

This will be dependant on the individual or group circumstances. Generally short visits will have hotel accommodation and longer visits will be in a house or home stay arrangement.

Who will meet me at the airport?

CORE Education Personnel will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Do I need to pay fees at the time of application?

No. We will send you a letter of acceptance (terms and conditions) and statement of fees. The statement of fees shows the amount you pay.

How can I pay?

There are a number of ways to pay:

  • Bank cheque: Send a cheque in NZ dollars payable to CORE Education Ltd
  • International Foreign Exchange Transfer: Inform your bank to transfer money to our bank. Bank account details will be sent after you enrol. Please remember to include NZ$20 to cover bank charges.


Our itineraries sometimes change during the course of the year. Sometimes this will be as a result of improvements stemming from past feedback, sometimes it will be due to logistical practicalities - for example a change within a particular school. We will not always be able to advise you in advance of these changes. We ask for your understanding and patience.

How can I apply?

On each of the tour pages you will find a button entitled: "Register expression of interest". Click on this button, and you will be taken to the appropriate online form.

What are the benefits of an EDtour?

  • Broadens perspectives and outlook of educators
  • Enhances the capacity and capabilities of educators
  • Cultivates and promotes the culture of innovation
  • Provides exposure to entrepreneurial environments, public and private sector
  • Supports practical ‘hands on’ learning under guidance and mentor support
  • Promotes sustained practice through discussion and dialogue in an online environment
  • Provides interesting teaching strategies that would benefit students and educators
  • Encourages all participants to engage in "reflective" and research on action attitudes to enhance professional practice

Who travels on an EDtour?

Educators in all sectors of the education system within New Zealand or abroad, including; government officials, principals, senior leaders, teachers and boards of trustees members.

What is an EDtour?

CORE's EDtours are tailored to suit the individual or group. They range from two days to one week. During this time educators will have a chance to observe examples of teaching and learning within New Zealand or overseas schools. Tours can be tailored towards a particular curriculum or professional development focus if required.