LEARNZ is a comprehensive virtual field programme for the education sector. It provides 21st century, high quality, curriculum rich, e-learning opportunities enabling students to engage with people and places, normally inaccessible.

It is available free for all New Zealand registered and provisionally registered teachers.

LEARNZ is part of the Ministry of Education's Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) programme. Some field trips are also funded by industry partners.

One of our specialist LEARNZ Field Trip teachers facilitates each virtual field trip via a website which is composed of:

  • illustrated background readings (now with narration)
  • related activities
  • captioned photos that support Inquiry Learning
  • videos from the field, processed overnight
  • live and recorded audio conferences (now with a live backchannel)
  • daily diaries
  • Ask-an-Expert web board
  • an ambassador (mascot) programme
  • There are 10-20 new LEARNZ field trips created every year. 

See the LEARNZ website to register and for more information