OneNote* Class Notebook Creator


Enable students to access and share resources to support your curriculum programmes. Learn to use the OneNote Class Notebook Creator tool to create class notebooks simply and effectively to support your class' digital content and resources.

* In this session you will need O365 with the OneNote Class Notebook App installed by your IT Administrator. We will look at the online/offline capabilities of OneNote and how this can enhance your classroom programme.

Learn about:

  • Student Notebooks – private notebooks that are shared between each teacher and their individual students. Teachers can access these notebooks at any time, but students cannot see other students’ notebooks.
  • Content Library – a notebook for teachers to share course materials with students. Teachers can add and edit its materials, but for students, the notebook is read-only.
  • Collaboration Space – a notebook for all students and the teacher in the class to share, organize, and collaborate.

Presenter: Arnika Macphail from Cyclone Computers

Who is this for:  

Teachers from primary to tertiary with access to OneNote* on their laptop.

Time & Date:  Wednesday 13 May, 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Cost:  $99 + GST per person