Games-based learning practice


Students and many teachers have grown up in a society where games are embedded in the culture. The benefits to education and learning are undisputed. But the risks must also be managed. Discover the what, how, and why of games based learning practice in a unique, fun, gamified, eight week online programme.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this online programme, you will be able to:

  • make connections between Māori kaupapa and games based learning
  • consider future focused solutions that may be disruptive to current practices
  • play and critique a range of games.

Who is this for?

This online programme is for all educators and leaders who are interested in integrating game-based learning into their learning environment. This programme can help with implementing computational thinking for digital technologies, and designing and developing digital outcomes in the technology learning area. No previous coding experience is required.

Programme format, modules and webinars

This eight week online programme is divided into four modules.

  • The call: acknowledge the early game designers who achieved so much with so little. Hear the visionaries of today predict the future.
  • The challenges: we challenge you to step out boldly! Not without heeding the warning voices that whisper about the risks! Not without questioning the voices of the evangelists. But with your own resolve.
  • The tasks: insights and understanding are not only in the computer, they're all around you. Computational thinking for digital technologies is just a way of approaching problems. The computer becomes an object to think with, an object with special powers, a talisman.
  • New powers: self-appraisal and final reflections

Download webinar times and dates for the programme.

Digital badging

Upon completing this CORE online programme, participants will be able to download a digital badge to add to their professional learning e-portfolio.


Online programme

This programme is held online, with participants connecting with facilitators in regular webinars and forums to discuss and share learning.