Mentoring and Coaching


This online programme explores the role of a mentor/coach in supporting teachers and potential leaders to transform their practice. It explores a variety of practical approaches and strategies for mentoring/coaching in order to meet the individual needs of teachers. We look at the types of systems which are effective in supporting mentors to work alongside others and to support educators through whole organisation change. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their role as a mentor and/or coach based on their own contexts.

The programme is intended for any present or aspiring mentor teacher; middle/senior leader or principal in mentoring and/or coaching roles; those in Kāhui Ako mentoring roles such as lead principal/across school lead/in school lead who are interested in improving their own ability to mentor or coach others in the school, kura or Kāhui Ako. Past participants of this programme found it beneficial to enrol a group of leaders/teachers from their school, kura, service or Kāhui Ako so that they could work collaboratively with their colleagues around mentoring and coaching.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this online programme, participants will:

  • investigate mentoring/coaching as a way to support whole organisation change and transform practice, how adults learn effectively, the differences between mentoring and coaching roles, how they apply in different circumstances and how they can be used to affect change in people and organisations.

  • be introduced to a variety of practical strategies and approaches to building effective mentoring/coaching relationships, including how to identify mentee/coachee strengths and needs (including observations), and to give feedback.  

  • explore the practical applications of embedding mentoring/coaching systems in their context, define their roles and responsibilities of mentoring/coaching (including culturally responsive practice) and explore key tools to support practice within these systems

  • design a programme most appropriate to their school, kura or Kāhui Ako needs.


Participants should have an opportunity to coach or mentor a colleague so that this context can be used for completing tasks and applying the things they learn.

Programme format

This is a 18 week online programme delivered in four modules.

Each module consists of two synchronous sessions (one face-to-face where appropriate) plus online activities and support.

Participants should aim to spend up to five hours per week on study and activities associated with this programme.


Coaching and mentoring are increasingly used in organisations to achieve a positive change in individuals and organisations as a whole. Establishing strong coaching and mentoring roles in a school, kura or Kāhui Ako is a powerful way of developing a highly responsive approach to professional learning, whole organisation change, curriculum development and pedagogical practice.


Module 1:  Mentoring and Coaching - laying the foundations

Participants will explore the rationale for mentoring/coaching to transform practice, its role in supporting change, define mentoring and coaching and explore how different approaches suit different situations, as well as developing an understanding of how adults learn.

Module 2: Strategies and approaches to mentoring and coaching - building capability

Participants will explore practical strategies and approaches to building effective mentoring/coaching relationships, such as questioning and listening skills, learning and challenging conversations using mentoring/coaching models/frameworks, and how to observe teachers in the classroom and give feedback.

Module 3: Systematic Applications – embedding change

Participants will explore the practical applications of embedding mentoring/coaching systems in their context, define their roles and responsibilities of mentoring/coaching and explore key tools to support practice within these systems.

Module 4: Designing a successful approach

Participants will select the approach that is most appropriate in their context and design a programme most relevant to their school’s/kura’s or Community of Learning’s needs.


The central focus of each module in this programme will be a challenge that leaders and teachers will undertake in the context of their own school, kura or Kāhui Ako context. This will be negotiated at the beginning of the programme, and various tasks and activities introduced through the programme will contribute to it.

Where more than one leader or teacher from a learning community are participating, they will be encouraged to work collaboratively to develop strategies appropriate for their context.

Participants will be expected to complete a challenge activity for each module of the course. Assessment rubrics are provided as the basis for providing a summative assessment in each module.


Michelle Maule from Beckenham School talks about her experience of the Mentoring and Coaching online programme:

"The facilitators were friendly and knowledgeable. They adjusted aspects of the course as required, listening to the participants." - Margot, Otonga School

"We had some really robust professional conversations and got to share our 'a-ha' moments and new learning." - Angela, Otonga School

"The best component has been our group collaboration." - Jen, Ōpāwa School

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