Planning and Assessment using OneNote Class Notebook


Microsoft's OneNote Class Notebook is a digital notebook that can simplify your approach to planning, encourages innovative and inclusive teaching and learning practices and provides opportunities to streamline marking and assessment. Differentiating learning is key to student engagement — find out how OneNote Class Notebook allows you to push out lesson content to individuals, small groups and whole classes at the click of a button. Learn how OneNote Class Notebook allows you to create opportunities for students to give and receive feedback on their learning goals and share their understandings using multiple means of representation and expression (Universal Design for Learning). Discover how marking and collecting assessment evidence becomes easier when using key OneNote Class Notebook features and in-built review functions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise key features of OneNote Class Notebook that will streamline lesson planning.
  • Identify ways in which you can use OneNote Class Notebook to create innovative and inclusive learning sequences.  
  • Determine how you could utilise OneNote Class Notebook functions to make marking and the collection of assessment data/evidence more effective and efficient.


Participants must have/bring:

  • an Office 365 education account
  • a device that has Windows 10 Operating System installed with OneNote 2016 downloaded onto the device
  • installed the OneNote Class Notebook Add-In. 

Facilitator: Nina Boyes

Primary and secondary teachers.

Time & Date:

Thursday 11 August 2016, 9.00am - 12.00pm


$99 + GST per person