Aromatawai has become deeply associated with academic progress, achievement and capability. This has been challenged in many ways across Māori-medium settings. From a te ao Māori perspective, aromatawai can be so much more empowering and holistic for tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau.

For us, aromatawai is a collaborative process through which we can reflect back growth and development of our tamariki and rangatahi over time – taking into account what they bring to their learning, understanding what makes them unique, and designing experiences and opportunities that nurture their divine spark and potential.

Aromatawai is linked to learning and so our work in Māori medium settings derives from an inclusive approach that considers their vision and philosophy, their internal capacity and capability, and identified priorities for learning. There are also practicalities that need to be taken into account such as reliable systems and processes, guidance for whānau and kaiako, as well as agreed ways to best share learning potential and success of our tamariki and rangatahi.

If you would like a CORE facilitator to collaborate with you on this priority please contact one of our regional PLD managers.