Cultural capability


What might learning environments be like where learners in Aotearoa say: “ I belong here” and “We care about each other and no-one gets left out”. The teachers in them probably think carefully about messages the resources they use might send to learners. Leaders and teachers might critically reflect on whether learners can see themselves represented in the school / kura and classroom activities. The languages of learners and whānau would be heard in the learning talk.

Ask a CORE facilitator to work collaboratively with you as you build strength in cultural capability. They can support you to critically examine and grow practices that are both culturally sustaining and inclusive so that akonga can flourish knowing they are heard and valued. The lens our facilitators bring encompasses supporting the connections and relationships you are forming with whānau, mana whenua, and your community.

If you would like a CORE facilitator to collaborate with you on this priority please contact one of our regional PLD managers.