Marau ā-kura


The value of a local curriculum in Māori-medium settings such as kōhanga reo, puna reo and kura is huge. As whānau, hapū and iwi, we strive to provide an education pathway that truly reflects our own language, customs and knowledge. We know that learning is not only about the future but also holding onto the key tenets of our culture and history as the foundation for our wellbeing as Māori.

Localised curriculum is more powerful and inspiring than just being a PLD priority. Determining together what our tamariki and rangatahi will learn, how and when they will learn, and ultimately the vision and philosophy for their learning and growth is critical to achieving an authentic sense of rangatiratanga in education and in their lives.

 If you would like a CORE facilitator to collaborate with you on this priority please contact one of our regional PLD managers.