How EPS works


EPS gives you unparalleled insight into the perceptions, expectations and priorities of your school community—and how well your school is achieving them.

EPS was developed in New Zealand and Australia, but can be used by and benefit any school anywhere in the world.

Discover your school's real dynamics

  • EPS is a comprehensive framework for school development with an online survey tool that saves you valuable time in gathering the voice of your community.
  • The EPS online tool provides real time research and in-depth analysis of your school's culture and development process enabling you to gain a better understanding of what is working and what is not.
  • EPS is the ideal tool to strengthen your school's professional culture by involving your community in your strategic planning.
  • Understand where your school sits, where your community expects it to sit, and prioritise how to get there!

The next dimension in understanding your school



EPS measures your school's progress against three key dimensions:

Philosophical Frameworks

Exploring the fundamental nature of educative purpose, learning, knowing and knowledge.

Community and Culture

Addressing the development of a learning culture and learning community.

Strategies and structures

The tools to implement the philosophical frameworks including the design of, the use, and allocation of people, time, space and place. 


Each dimension is divided into six elements that focus on specific areas where further work and development can be undertaken.

Working with data as a learning organisation

  • Users can view their personal survey results as soon as they have completed the online survey.
  • Data is then collated into a school view which enables the community to understand the current positioning.
  • School leaders can interact with graphs and diagrams to drill down into the EPS data.
  • A detailed report is available for schools to use in developing their action plans.